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Quantum Pathology is an independent, nationally renowned, fully accredited pathology laboratory committed to providing the best in class in patient care, latest technology, turnaround time and customer service. Our highly trained and experienced staff are board certified by their specialty and always striving to ensure the best outcome for you and your patients.

What We Do

At Quantum, our highly trained team of medical professionals and client relations specialists provide fast, accurate, personalized laboratory services, as well as a full range of ancillary support and practice management solutions. We do not just go to the next step, we believe in leaving no stone unturned in our quest for excellence.

Our Services

We offer a full range of pathology services to meet our clients’ needs – whether it’s the latest in molecular pathology, technical slide preparation-only, or special stains.

Our Services

Services & Specialties


At Quantum Pathology, we provide comprehensive Dermatopathology services, led by renown experts in this field with over 30 years experience and multiple publications.
Our commitment, first and foremost, is to provide definitive diagnosis in all aspect of skin pathology including benign, dysplastic and malignant melanocytic lesions, dermatoses, soft tissues lesions and lymphomas.
Our state of the art laboratory has a wide range of Histochemical and Immunohistochemical stains that are used to aid and complement precise diagnosis of skin conditions.

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Molecular Pathology

Quantum Pathology provides a wide array of diagnostic and prognostic molecular Pathology through in-house testing and partnership with local and national molecular laboratories.

We are committed to stay at the forefront of any new molecular Pathology advances that may help in providing precise diagnoses and better health care.

Some of the tests we offer:
– FISH for urothelial neoplasms
– FISH for prostate cancer evaluation
– Exosome Diagnostic (Exosome dx)
– B and T cell cell rearrangement for lymphoma
– myPath Melanoma

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Urologic Pathology

Quantum Pathology is dedicated to providing the utmost excellence in the diagnosis of all aspects of Urological Pathology.

– Expert physicians have more than 25 years experience in this field
– Comprehensive diagnostic laboratory testing encompassing Immunohistochemistry and integrated molecular studies
– Unsurpassed service and state of the art reporting with organ map and Partin table
– Patient safety measures:
• each case is assigned a unique barcode
• all negative Prostate biopsies are reviewed by a second expert pathologist.

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Gastrointestinal Pathology

Quantum Pathology is dedicated to providing state of the art GI reporting. Our team of Pathologists and Histotechnologists bring vast experience to achieve comprehensive evaluation and definitive diagnoses.

A wide range of Histochemical and Immunohistochemical stains are used to aid and complement precise diagnoses and in the evaluation of prognostic indicators of some diseases.

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Podiatric Pathology

Quantum Pathology takes pride in developing close professional relationships with the Podiatry community through attending or sponsoring many local and national meetings and providing the clinicians with the state of the art histological examination of specimens from the nails, skin and bone of the feet.

We also service any nail or skin culture with the fastest turnaround time possible to ensure timely patient care and treatment.

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All cytology specimens are examined by Board Certified Pathologists with many years of experience in this sub-specialty.

Preparation is performed with state of the art equipment.

All urine cytology with concomitant bladder FISH testing are reported and correlated in one integrated report.

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The QPath Team

Erik DiGuilio

President and Chief Executive Officer

May Azar, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director

Terence Harrist, M.D.

Senior Dermatopathologist

Aldo González-Serva, M.D.

Senior Dermatopathologist

Beatriz Tapia-Centola, M.D.

Senior Dermatopathologist

Jennifer Lambe, M.D.

Senior Dermatopathologist

Beverly Faulkner-Jones, M.D., PhD

Senior Podiatric and Dermatopathologist

Robin Kirby, M.D.

Senior General Pathologist

Matthew Turner, M.D., M.B.A.

Director of Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology

Sadru Kabani, B.D.S., D.M.D., M.S.

Director of Oral Pathology

Lindsay Hardy, M.D.

Associate Pathologist

Ana-Maria Jojatu

Director of Laboratory Operations

Jessica Ostromecki

Practice Manager

Stephanie DiGuilio

Marketing Director, Podiatry Division

Rob Riker

Director, Business Development

Lisa Diguilio

Account Executive



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Quantum Pathology’s partnership with your doctor is designed to give you top quality medical care in addition to friendly billing policies and procedures. Please be aware that you might receive an Explanation of Benefits Statement (EOB) from your insurance carrier and/or a patient bill directly from Quantum Pathology.

We welcome any questions or concerns you might have. For any billing related questions, please contact us directly at 617-QUANTUM.

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